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Welcome to my attempt at collecting and publishing information on my direct family members and the Moneypenny surname in general.

The Moneypenny surname is far more prominant around the world than most people may be aware. From the Norman conquest, to the fictional James Bond "007" to famous military members throughout history, the Moneypenny surname has flourished.

This is my attempt to publish the mounds of information I have gathered over the years and an attempt to collect even more. Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendents, Weston, WV was a delightful find in my research. The library and amount of information they have is tremendous. I owe a big thanks to them. Also, Anne Newman, Elizabethtown, KY provided me with a wealth of information that her and her husband had researched and gathered over the years. Additionally, several members of the Moneypenny from Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and Canada have provided photos and information.


The picture on the left is of my great, great, great grandfather Edward Moneypenny. The picture was taken in the late 1800s in Weston, WV. He is proudly wearing his Civil War Medals won while a member of the Union Army. He was captured late in the war and served over 9 months in a Confederate prison camp in North Carolina.

The picture on the right is of my great grandfather Henry Moneypenny. William is his grandfather. Henry was also born in Weston, WV. He is with his wife, Elosia Mae.

The picture in the center is of Henry and Elosia Mae's entire family. My grandfather, Delbert Ross, is in the center of the back row.

Please feel free to view these pages at your leisure. If you have current or additional information that will assist in increasing the surnames list and descendants or updates to other data, please feel free to contact me through the email link or post directly in the form provided. Thank you. Chuck Moneypenny, Colorado Springs, CO

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